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The evolution, a fierce creature, once dominating the World Rally championship; have somewhat faded into the normalcy of economy sedans. After its departure from rally, sometime following its introduction to the US market; the pumped up lancer may have lost and gained a few fans. There was its inclusion in the second stint of the fast and furious, but we all know that was the least favourite of the franchise. Anyway, there are quite a handful who still believe in the potency of the CT9 platform; case in point, Charley’s Evo from CFM Motorpsorts.

Nearly two decades ago, Charley bought a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse was at a well known shop in Miami, Dynamic Turbo. This is where he ran into an old friend from Jamaica, David Diedrick, the two got to talking with the result being the opening a high performance shop in Pembroke Pines Florida named Asian Performance. Following the Eclipse, Charley bought a 95 Honda Civic vx from and auction and right away began modifying. He added Leather Interior – not sure why, a B18c twin cam motor in addition to a big brake kit, to name a few. The civic was naturally aspirated… for a time. The need for forced induction came a spooling and Charles responded. A turbo kit was installed and effectively produce 360hp on the rollers. Despite his adoration of the front wheel rice rocket, Charley has always had a thing for the diamond in the rough. The Evolution wasn’t availaible in the US during Charley’s Honda Days. The closest he got was vicariously through Jackie Chan’s adventures in “Thunderbolt” and “Who am I”

After returning to Jamaica a little over a decade ago, Charley was excited to see many of the JDM cars from popular Auto Magazines. However, when it became time to acquire a vehicle, the decision was more difficult due to the array of options. He was torn between getting a Type R, STI or an Evo. As luck would have it a Grey Evo VII with a sunroof presented itself and Charlie was was quite elated. The Evolution VII was the current model at the time and also was the first model to sport the Cedia platform in Charley’s words “it was a no brainer”!

Since acquiring the car in 02 the evo went through several different setups and even was junked and stripped but after sitting for two years Charley then decided to resurrect the Monster.

A 4G64 block was chosen from the gallant simply because he wanted something “slightly different”. Charley opted for the 2.4 long rod because of its preferred rod ratio. The block was host to a stock 100mm crankshaft mated to Manley ‘turbo tuff’ 156mm beam rods and 9.5:1 Compression stroker Pistons from the same brand. A stock 4G63 cylinder head was used with stock valves; however, supertech double springs coupled with titanium retainers and GSC Cams completes the valve train profile. Buschur Racing ported stock intake manifold and ported throttle body were added to the head to assist with more efficient air flow. A Tial 50mm was installed to take care of any unwelcome pressure entering the head-setup.

Fuel is fed through an in-tank walbro pump feeding a surge tank with 2 Bosch 044 pumps straight to a Radium Engineering rail that distributes to Siemens Deka 2310cc Injectors. To ensure a steady fuel pressure, an Aeromotive Fuel Pressure regulator was employed.

Now to the fun part… An ETS t3 turbo kit replaced the stock unit. The stock intercooler was ditched for the ETS 3.5” unit and piping. Again, ETS was consulted for the exhaust mani’ that ran into the DH Welding custom 3” pipe that ended with an Espilair Muffler. Tial’s MVR 44mm waste-gate is used to ensure maximum boost pressure, nothing more.

The motor is mated to TRE 5speed Gearbox with a Quarter Master Twin disc Clutch setup. Puffy from Puffwerks handles all tuning via a Haltech Elite 2500 unit. The Evo runs on a conservative map producing 450hp on pumps gas, but on E55 fuel power is amped up to 650hp. Charley’s VII is also a Flex Fuel Vehicle that can run on straight pump gas or E85, depending on which is required.

Suspension is treated to Ohlin Coilovers, while stopping comes courtesy of an AP Racing Big Brake kit.  Further stability is provided by Cusco under bracing and sway bars.

The interior is modestly done. Sporting an Innovative water, afr and boost Gauge; while the OEM gauges are still present to monitor your RPM, Fuel, and how fast you’re going to get your speeding ticket. Charley hardly uses these due to the fact that he has a Haltech iq3 Display that provides all the data he needs and then some. The cockpit hosts a synergy shift knob, although it wasn’t made with specifications for the Evo, Charley liked the look so he got it re-threaded to fit.

The exhaust isn’t the only noise you will hear, with a Pioneer Radio, Alpine door speakers, 800watt amp and a 12” Fosgate pro woofer, Charles has all the fist pumping rave music that he needs.

The exterior of the Evo is where things get Interesting. Charley prefers the subtle but more aggressive look of the EVO IX and thus fitted the Seven with aftermarket Evo IX bumpers, Oem Evo IX Rear Spoiler, USDM Evo IX front and rear lights and finally Factory Evo X Enkie wheels wrapped in Hankook RS-3 tires for daily driving. However, for the track, stock Evo VIII wheels sporting M&H drag slicks will suffice.

Charley would like to thank a few people who without them this build would be Impossible

  • Built 4G63
  • Autosource
  • Puffwerks Tuning
  • DH Welding
  • CFM Motorsports

Charley Also gives a shout out to the Jamaican Tuner Team for the work that we do but truth be told we wouldn’t be able to do this without people like Charley. Putting so much time and effort into making these impressive rides and at the same time are willing to share with others. So, hats off to you Charley for building an impressive Evolution.

Check out our Video feature on Charley’s EVO VII



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