Chris’s MKVI

It’s not often we see the infamous VW Golf in Jamaica, let alone a modified GTI. It could be that the costs are high, be it purchase or maintenance, or is it that they don’t sit well with the JDM majority that populates our island? Whatever the reason, Chris Yapp’s hunger for euro rides could only be satisfied by the geniuses at Germany. Subtle but tasteful mods separate the dub from the dime per dozen ‘dinglaz’ that dominate the car scene.

Chris has had the GTI for almost 5 years now; it came as a more comfortable option to his modified R32 in Florida where he spent a few years attending school. His first taste of these torque terrors was back in 05 where he bought an MK4 that sported the 1.8t motor. Since then Chris had been swapping these machines like Samsung owners grabbing the latest galaxy model.

APR carbon intake takes care of lowering the temperature of the air introduced to the turbine. A turbine that Chris may consider swapping for a Gtx28 which he already purchased. However, he’s on a mission; a mission to determine what kind of records can be attained with the factory snail – 12 second class, interesting. Initially the car was tuned with Revo and the results were amazing, yet, Chris opted for eurodyne. This software allows him the flexibility to tune the car himself, as he enjoys that thoroughly.


As you know, or about to be informed on, the Gti comes with more torque than this article has words! Well up until the next ten or so – count them if you wish but that’s plenty torque for a factory four-banger. Therein lies the problem, how do you put pen to paper or in this case, torque to tarmac? You get a freaking Wavetrac LSD, that’s how! Coupled with a South Bend Stage 3 Clutch kit, when Chris plants his right foot, those tyres sing kumbaya…

Chris is a marine mechanic and a maniac, at least when it comes to keeping the car clean. His meddling with marine motors has led him to build the engines for his own euro projects. When he’s not building engines, he’s probably cleaning the ac condenser with a tooth brush at 3a.m. in the morning. The car is washed approximately three times weekly; this cult like behaviour is also witnessed amongst the local owners of Type-R’s.

There are just too many options when it comes to modification and Chris is caught in the storm. One of his biggest fears is starting to modify and then not being able to stop, even if one were equipped with Porsche’s beefy 13mm rotors and 6-piston calipers. An upgrade Chris is actually considering, ooooh with Lamborghini wheels floating under air ride suspension, oh what joy that would bring.

Chris tells us to look out for a track appearance, will it have the same appearance, not sure. Will it be sporting a bigger turbine, no clue. Only time will tell how this lil Euro monster evolves but one thing is for sure, you don’t see many like this on the streets.



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