The Ferrari Challenge – Laguna Seca

First let me start by saying sometimes signs are presented to you as not a diversion but a way for you to push pass the obstacles and move forward. Laguna Seca, Mazda Speedway. THE CORKSCREW!!! If you grew up having a Play Station in the late 90’s and love motorsport the way I do. You would have driven this track with the infamous S that seems to plummet you into difficulty, a certain many times. After the Long Beach Grand Prix, I had the urge to shoot and shoot and shoot some more. With that in my head, I set out to find other events here in California. Much to my surprise, the Ferrari Challenge was right around the corner. The first being held at Mazda’s Laguna Seca, is a series of races across America, Canada and Italy. So, I applied for media credentials. I got it, booked my hotel and car and prepared for my 5-hour drive to Monterey California and my 3-day long race weekend.

5.11.17 – I went to pick up my rental, which was paid for prior, only to be told that I had to pay an additional $450. Being the “Hot Skull” I am I said F&%$ I don’t want and left. My travel agent over at found me another car for way less. Headed to rental company just to, angry but still excited. BOOM my car does not work. LIKE WTH!! I got even more irate and left. Called my Moms and we both agreed that it is a sign and I should keep my butt home for the weekend. Disappointed, I headed over to the bar next to my house. In an effort to ease my pain the bar tender pored me a rum and coke, my favorite drink, without me even asking for it seeing as I frequent this place. By this time, I had a few drinks saying to myself damn I could have already been at the Ferrari Challenge in Monterey.
Eventually I left and went to bed. In my dream, all I could see was the Track and the Ferraris screaming by I basically woke up crying. The next morning, I asked my travel agent to check if the hotel had kept my room, and if they did I’d go. Low and behold they did. My brother in law loaned me his Camry, 326 miles to the tank baby, and I headed out. It took me about 5 and a half hours to get there, I was dying from excitement. When I got to the track it was surreal, every turn was the same as the day before when I played Forza 6 driving my Type r around the Track. I made it, to the Ferrari Challenge Laguna Seca.

5.13.17 – My first and only full day of shooting started at 6 am. I got to the track and looked around, hearing horses both old and new entering the venue as if the Roman cavalry had arrived. A controlled stampede of elegant and wild Ferraris all in one location. Car after car after car I took pics nonstop. The races hadn’t even started as yet. By the time the races started, it was clear that the Ferrari Challenge would not be as aggressive as a typical circuit race, but non-the less I was ready. I started out in corner one and made my way around the track to spots where I saw no photographers. Then I made my way to the cork screw to see a whole swarm of photographers like bees surrounding a hive. I stopped took a few before the “Bees” started attacking me. I then found the most secluded spot on the track that was eroded by heavy rainfall. NOOO PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! Yes, I took my last few shots in this corner realizing that I had successfully shot a racing event at one of my favorite tracks, and thought at that point that my fellow Jamaican photographers would have appreciated this just as much as I did.

P.S. Ironically, Laguna Seca has some turns and elevations similar to that of Dover. For example, high speed front straight away to turn one, and high speed back straight into the S.

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