2019 Jeep Compass

The first Jeep Compass was introduced with rather interesting looks. In 2006 it sported 2.0 and 2.4 L gasoline engines, in addition to 2.0 L turbo diesel and 2.2 L diesel models. The drivetrain layout was either a front engine front wheel drive option or front engine all wheel drive. Fast-forward to 2019  and the Compass has gone through many changes, for one, the looks have improved greatly. The drivetrain remains the same either a front engine front wheel drive or front engine all wheel drive. However, the powertrain has seen an interesting change with it sporting a 1.4 L multi-air turbocharged engine developed by Fiat. Power is transmitted through a 7 speed dual dry clutch with manual shifting mode.
The 2019 Compass comes in 4 different trim levels:
  • Base level-Sport.
  • Mid-level – Latitude
  • Luxurious- Limited
  • Off road- Trailhawk
We tested the Longitude and It was very hard to find something to dislike about this car! Every time I drove it I felt like Post Malone because people kept saying “WOW” due to the extremely sexy body of the car and not that of my own. A few persons looked passed the Kingston Industrial Garage (KIG) branding and blue DC plates to say Congratulations! – back to reality.
Accelerating from a stop is a bit sluggish but around 2300 rpms when the Garrette turbo kicks in, it gets a little psycho. Despite the slight lag in power at the low end of the spectrum; it did climb Mount Rosser effortlessly. The compass attacks and handles corners as if it were a sports car and not a compact suv. 
The 2019 compass seems a little bit high at first but do not fear, it’s still a class 1 on the toll roads! Driving a few cars before with the manual shifting modes, I was accustomed to push the gear lever in an upward motion to up shift and pull back motion to downshift not so in this ride. It took a bit of getting used to where you pull back to up shift and push up to downshift a feature I saw in rally cars and drift cars. After that uncertain hurdle, imagine the fun you will have…
Cast your eyes on the interior and you find seats with two different color threads which are done so comfortably that your bum will thank you for planting it on them. The steering wheels is perfectly wrapped and stitched and isn’t big and chunky, a 7″ touchscreen multimedia media system which supports Apple car play and Android Auto smart connectivity is standard also standard is reverse camera, cruise control and auto stop start and you best believe it has a COMPASS, climate control which can be adjusted via multimedia screen. One feature i found quite interesting and useful is the radio controls on the steering wheel is located to the back directly at your fingertips, to the right you can adjust volume up down or mute, to the left you can change media be it radio, usb, Bluetooth audio,.
Overall this car would get a 8/10 in my book it look great it handles really well despite it being underpowered it made an impact on me when I returned the keys to KIG I felt the roll of a tear down my cheek. Summing it up the Jeep Compass is a sports car in a SUV body. 

Aldon Hayman

Motor Vehicle & Motor Racing Enthusiasts

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