Ricardo’s Civic

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the Honda (CIVIC) has made its mark in the world of the hot hatch. Everyone wanted to modify these Japanese pocket rockets. In fact, it is one of the most tampered with car to date, everyone and their grandma wants to throw on a fart can and ‘bus vtec’. No different was Mr. Ricardo Harrison, except the fart can part. He has always had a thing for the Civic and knew he wanted to build one; a really fast one.

ricardo's civic

Mr. Harrison drove a 91 Toyota Corolla for some time. The only modification on the car was that of ‘”some new Rims”. You see, Ricardo knew what he wanted to squeeze power from, and this was not it. Not saying that Corollas can’t make horses, but it just wasn’t the right fit. He expressed that he always wanted to own a Civic EF or EG. In the year 2000 this dream came true and he obtained a 95 Honda EG Civic hatch.  After a few years of grocery getting; the modifying bug bit so hard that even the EG could feel the transformation that was about to happen.

ricardo's civic

Ricardo’s plan was to have a fast ‘Naturally Aspirated’ Machine using a B16 Motor. First on the modification process was that of the suspension, which was improved with a set of Eibach sport line lowering springs and energy suspension bushings all around. Next on the list was improving the B16’s airflow. This was addressed with a Skunk2 intake manifold, homemade cold air box, DC 4:1 headers and 2.5” exhaust piping. That’s about as far as his ‘NA’ plans went.

ricardo's civic

The plan to keep the motor boost-free was thrown out the window when a friend of Ricardo also acquired an EG. His Civic was boosted to make 415hp. These figures impressed Ricardo so much, that forced induction was up next for the B16; with a plan of making 400hp on pump gas. First thing’s first; find a turbo manifold that would last. CXRACING was contacted for this and also provided the GT35 turbo. Following this, a CXRACING intercooler coupled with 2.5” of intercooler piping; then a 3” exhaust system was added. Engine management comes courtesy of HONDATA S300 with a HONDATA 4bar map sensor. A SKUNK2 68 throttle body was inserted to the already installed manifold of same brand. The car made an appearance on the rollers producing 383hp on pump gas at 18lbs of boost; a few ponies shy of Ricardo’s goal.

ricardo's civic

What’s the use of having a fast car with no way to prove it? Ricardo soon found the drag strip and let loose the clutch pedal against floored acceleration. The Civic propelled down the track for a 13.0 time slip @112mph. Since then, a set of SKUNK2 Tuner1 Cams have been added along with a new wide band sensor. Mr. Harrison hopes these new additions will assist in further tuning to reach his 400hp goal.

ricardo's civic

The interior of the Civic remains stock with only a few gauges such as an innovative wideband gauge, autometer oil gauge and an Apexi VAFC to ensure the vitals are kept in check. The exterior is painted white with black accents. Wheels are MAXX1M 16×7 alloys wrapped Kumho 205x45x16 street tyres for regular driving and MH 24×9.5×15 slicks for launching down the quarter mile.

ricardo's civic

Plans are in order for more extreme upgrades. Until then, Ricardo looks forward to being in the 400 horsepower club. He also intends to compete more in Drag Racing.  After all, with all that power – why not?

ricardo's civic

Ricardo would like to thank his Friend Damien Waul who introduced him to boost and helped him with the build, his parents and his Sponsor Dog Gone Gorgeous Professional Dog Grooming.

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    Hi does the engine has in forged rods and pistons? And is it sir or type r 16


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